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Community has always been part of our purpose, promise and passion since 1971, as camping in itself is a very social activity. To help our local communities in Manitoba, Go RV Winnipeg has 3 dedicated community event trailers, nonprofit organizations may request as an in-kind contribution to support their public fundraising events.


We have 2 regular trailers and 1 BBQ trailer. Each event trailer has a mini fridge, A/C, furnace, and storage cupboards. The BBQ trailer has a commercial BBQ which can convert to a griddle and comes BBQ utensils and a hand wash station.

Event trailers need to have a 30-amp power source if they wish to power the A/C and 15 amp for mini fridge. The furnace is powered by propane that GNR supplies.

Yes, the trailers are intended to be used for supporting community and fundraising events. They are not to be used for other purposes such as transportation of people, animals, or goods.

In order to qualify, you must represent an organization that is one of the following:

  • A Canadian non-profit organization operating for purposes beneficial to Canadian communities.
  • A registered charity holding a current charitable registration number with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Government-owned or controlled schools, community centres, parks, libraries, shelters, and hospitals.
  • A registered Canadian amateur athletic association with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Additional exclusions:

  • Individual pursuits/requests not tied to a nonprofit or supporting a community
  • Requests from outside of Manitoba, Canada
  • Political activities
  • For-profit organizations or other corporations’ community initiatives

Your organization is required to ensure the trailer is secure and undamaged while being used. Any people/organizations borrowing a trailer are responsible for any traffic infringements and accidents that occur while they have the trailer.

We also request in kind marketing exposure such as listed as an event sponsor, images of our trailer being used at your event, social posts, etc.

You will need to provide vehicle information as your organization must have a vehicle capable of towing at least 5000lbs, that has a class 3 hitch with a 2-inch receiver and 2 5/16-inch ball, and electronic brake controller installed in the vehicle.

Unfortunately, we do not deliver but your organization may contact and use a local towing company to deliver the trailer to your event.

Fill in our form below or call with the info! We will confirm if your request is approved as soon as possible. Please contact as early as possible to ensure a trailer has not already been booked.

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