RVing During a Canadian Winter

Just because we’re headed into winter doesn’t mean that RV season needs to be over. While many are beginning to winterize their trailers and RVs and getting them ready to sit unused for the next few months, some people are planning their next adventure on the road.

Fall Storage Options for Your RV

With the cool weather beginning to settle in and snow just around the corner, it’s time to winterize your vehicle and leave it parked for the cold months ahead. Whether it’s your first winter season with an RV or your fifteenth, it’s always good to think about the next steps you need to take to make sure your travel vehicle is winter-ready.

Winterizing Your Trailer

Before storing your RV or trailer for the cold winter season, it’s extremely important that you winterize it to ensure that you come back to a clean, running vehicle come springtime. Follow the steps below to make sure your RV is ready to be stored away for the next few months.

Prepare Your RV or Trailer for Winter

The leaves are changing colour, an apt sign of autumn. While there’s no snow on the ground – yet – it’s a good time to begin thinking about storing your RV or trailer for the winter. Make sure to prepare your RV for storage once you’ve planned out your final camping trip for the year (here’s a list of ideas if you’re still deciding on a destination!)

Tips for a Successful Long-distance Road Trip

Weekend getaways are great – especially when the warm weather lasts into Fall, and Manitobans become antsy about getting back outdoors. However, nothing beats a long-distance road trip that allows you to explore our beautiful country and take in many new sights and experiences.

Equip Your RV for Emergencies

RV road trips are meant to be exciting adventures. However, like with any kind of trip, it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. Without the proper equipment onboard, your adventure could easily be cut short due to an emergency that could have been addressed.

11 Places to Visit in Your RV This Fall

As we head into the autumn season and the weather begins to cool slightly, take a road trip in your RV for a final dip in some pristine water, a scenic hike along some well-traversed natural trails, and explore our beautiful country. No matter which of these destinations makes it onto your list, you’re sure to have an incredible experience this fall.

RV Care – Giving you Peace of Mind on the Road

RVs and trailers are a great way to experience adventures of a lifetime without having to worry about the cost of a hotel. Whether you enjoy getting up close and personal with nature or love a long-distance road trip, an RV will bring you and your family a getaway full of adventure.

Common Misconceptions about Owning an RV

Owning an RV may seem like an out-of-reach dream to some, but they’re more accessible than ever. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing an RV but are worried about potential barriers or difficulties that may come with it, take a look at some of these common misconceptions (and the reality).

Customer Camping Story

Over a bright and sunny Canada Day long weekend in 2017, I proposed the idea of heading out to Clear Lake to my wife and two daughters. We packed up the RV and hit the road just a couple of hours later, making our way down the highway and headed to the place we’d call home for a few days while still cozy in our RV.